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Q: Is Orlando Outdoor Furniture good for outdoor use? Can it stand up to rain, humidity, sun, mold and mildew?

A: Yes. Our furniture is designed to weather the elements of Florida. Our furniture features fully welded aluminum frames (no rust), UV-treated Poly-resin wicker (No sun damage!) and quick dry foam (dries quickly and lasts longer than other foam). We also carry the full collection of Sunbrella fabrics (No fading!) and Poly-wood furniture: Pawley's Island  (lifetime warranty) and Seaside Casual Furniture(20 year warranty) that lasts a lifetime!

Why does outdoor furniture cost so much money these days?         

A: Today's furniture is made of materials that withstand all weather conditions and look great doing it. Materials that will last with minimal maintenance, cost more and last longer than the furniture of the past.

I see furniture at competitors' store that is more expensive than what you carry. Why does it cost so much more? Is their furniture of higher quality?         

A: Furniture at other stores is very good quality, as is ours. We can offer the same materials and workmanship because we are the manufacturer of our own furniture and have a lower overhead from selling from our warehouse.

I see furniture at other stores and websites that is much cheaper than what I see in your store. Why does it cost so much more here? Is there a quality difference?                                         

A: There are many outdoor furniture shopping options, from big box stores to online only retailers that offer a variety of quality, size and styles. Many stores offer furniture that may not be made for the Florida climate, their purchasing agents may not know what the differences are when they are buying their furniture. Orlando Outdoor Furniture selects the best materials for outdoor furniture in Florida. We then design and manufacture our furniture with attention to comfort, style and durability. We change our styles seasonally to offer product improvements and fresh options to our customers. We are the only local manufacturer with the ability to change designs and upgrade quality on an order to order basis.

Do you deliver?                                                                                                               

A: We deliver all over Florida and can deliver throughout the US, Caribbean, and South America. If you need a custom quote, please contact us at

Can I change the fabric or rattan color of the furniture?                       

A: Yes. All of our furniture comes with a standard color, but, you can select any fabric color you want for a fee. You can select a different rattan color, the cost will be the same if it is one of our standard colors. If it is a custom order color, there is a minimum order amount. Any rattan changes will be a special order and there is a longer lead time. Call or email us for details.

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